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About Us


Avila y Cia SRL  is a Custom Braker´s house that operates in the forign market providing full assistance to his clients - in both importa & Export - activites includning forwarding services.


Since its founding, in 1947 by Mr. Carlos P Avila Sr,  the company has become one of the leading freight forwarders because of  the capacity to offer differentiated logistics solutions and to its ability to understand the most complex customs procedures of any part of the world.

The Quality maintenance and the effiiency level have been, for about 30 year, the primary goal of the company, The Fulfillment is obtained by the permanent and personalized attention to each one of our clients, allowing us to offer our attention and seek for solutions inmediatly to the logic and permanent enquires generated in all cutoms or Logistics operations.


Our Extended services Offer an important economic and financial benefit in those cases where large movement of special cargo are required to complete a complex operation - We can provide to our clients"The Best service, at the best Cost, for a perfect solution"


In order to provide the best service for this kind of events, we have a network of representatives all over the world, being possible through a membership since 1996 in the World Wide Partnership Cargolink Association Ltd. - WWPC